Gold Facts

buy gold on diwaliAs we head towards another Diwali, here are some gold facts to keep you motivated to make regular purchases in the physical product.Repeat ;physical and no version of paper gold.

1.With every 1 per cent rise in income, gold demand climbs by 1 per cent. But when prices rise 1 per cent, gold demand falls only 0.5 per cent.

2.For a 1 per cent increase in inflation, gold demand increases by 2.6 per cent as investors turn to gold to protect themselves against inflation.

3.Rural consumers show a pronounced preference for plain gold jewellery, while urban consumers are likely to buy gold set with precious and semi-precious stones.Plain gold jewellery accounts for some 88 per cent of purchases in rural India while the corresponding figure for urban areas is 57 per cent. In the days of rampant lab simulated diamonds sold as natural ones,a body is likely to help themselves by choosing plain gold pieces or simply discounting the price of “diamonds” while buying ornaments.Better assume them to be fake and be pleasantly surprised if they turn out otherwise. Read more of this post

Investing In Urban Residential Real Estate In India


The travails of the Western world might put a question mark on the expression “as safe as houses”. but in India, urban real estate continues to make sense as an investment option.

Here are the reasons:-

First:In the US, the average members in a household are 2.6. In India, there is an estimated shortage of 21 million housing units and unless there is a dramatic increase in supply, the shortage is  not likely to come down because there is  a sizeable young population adding to the demand .Also Indians will continue to migrate to cities and 50% of the country will be urbanized by 2044.As families often resort to step-migration many TierII towns will do as well as the major cities as investment destinations.

Second:The high rates of inflation and wage rises are bound to make houses more expensive to build in future.So residential real estate investments are bound to hold their value and possibly continue to give good capital gains. Read more of this post

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