Big Business Style Legitimate And Bona Fide Transactions

wealthymattersLicences and large sunk costs are entry barriers.And its small wonder that big money always want to grab licences.Even if businesses are not built round licences,licences are tradeable and so there is always a scope to grow one’s money by doing so.Also owning companies allows people to be part of interesting deals.

After studying the Radia tapes and investigating the matter, the Serious Frauds Investigating Office has uncovered the above money trail.The accused parties maintain that these are legitimate and bona fide real estate transactions.Watching how the case proceeds through the courts and how the political class deals with it,is going to be very educational.

Buy The Product Not The Shares

wealthymattersInvest in their apartments, and you will get rich. But invest in their shares and you will be poorer. Unlike in other sectors, values of shares of listed real estate companies do not reflect the growing value of their products. Sample this: Investments made in shares of real estate companies like Delhi-based Unitech and DLF, Mumbai-based Indiabulls Real Estate or Bangalore-based Purvankara in 2008 would have crashed to half or to a fifth of their value by now whereas in the same period, returns from investments made in homes built by the same companies would have risen anywhere between 50% and 150% or more. If one had bought an apartment in any Gurgaon-based apartment building of DLF — India’s biggest builder — in 2008, the investment would have, by now, appreciated 60-175%. Had the same money been used to purchase DLF’s shares the same year, that investment would have eroded to just 20%. Investors of Unitech, Indiabulls and other real estate firms would have a similar story to tell. Read more of this post

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