Tipping Ideas

tippingWhile not every business allows tipping for their employees, many do, and if your business,especially in the US,involves food, most customers will expect to be able to tip their servers. Tipping, however, isn’t as common as it has been in the past, and if you are wondering what you can do to encourage tips from customers, here are some suggestions:

Offer Excellent Service:
Obviously, the best way to get a good tip is by doing a good job. Smile, greet the customer by name if they provide it and give them what they want in a timely fashion. No matter what out-of-the-box tip ideas you come up with, customers won’t give if the service is poor. Granted, some people will be rude anyway, and others won’t even think about it — that’s the tough part about working in the service industry — but being friendly and professional goes a long way.

Reward Tipping With Something:
The Cold Stone franchise is famous for their tipping policy. Every time someone puts a tip in the jar, the workers have to sing. They have a variety of short songs about ice cream written to the tune of another well-known song, and it’s not uncommon at all for customers to tip just to hear them sing. This also works well to keep customers entertained when the line to get ice cream is long and slow. Keeping your customers in a good mood right up until they pay makes it more likely they’ll offer you a tip of their own. Read more of this post

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