Pirate Treasure!


Did you know there were gold and silver bank notes?

Yes,they exist.I saw them at the COINEX-Mumbai.They are official legal tender of Antigua And Barbuda.

There are 30 0f these notes which form part of the collection called The Saga of Treasure Ships and Pirates.

They are:

1. Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge
2. Bartholomew Roberts’s Royal Fortune
3. Charles Vane’s Ship Challenges HMS Buck
4. Stede Bonnet’s Sloop Royal James
5. Benito de Soto and the Black Joke
6. Captain George Lowther and the Happy Delivery
7. Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind
8. Captain Edward England and the Cassandra
9. Captain Thomas Cocklyn and the Bird Galley
10. Captain Kidd and the Adventure Galley Read more of this post

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