Marrying Trouble

wealthymattersHere’s another wonderful story penned by Sunita. Ladies should you ever feel tempted to encourage a player,read this story.Ponder.Then desist.The Masters of Love may seem irresistible at the moment but a few days of giving into the madness will buy you a lifetime of troubles:

It seems this wonderful lady whom we all admire for being so accomplished, smart, intelligent, well qualified , good looking ( she studied overseas during her university days)and  coming from a well established old Mumbai family fell in love with a much married and divorced man. Much against her mother’s wishes she married him and told her mother that she was living her own life. Over the years they had their own two children in addition to his earlier kids and supposedly they lived happily ever after.But it seems this man is a born “lover” who periodically falls in love with another woman apart from his wife. It is not looks which get to him but the woman’s personality – the ability to make him laugh and exchange views with her. Fifteen years ago the wife found out that he was terribly attracted to this charming middle aged divorcee who gamely indulged in some mild flirtation. The husband’s ardour was aroused and he would have gone on to have another full fledged affair but the wife went to the new love and told her “You’ve already suffered the consequences of having your house wrecked by another woman, why are you doing this to me?” The middle aged woman backed off and the woman’s marriage was saved. Read more of this post

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