Adi Godrej On Higher Taxes For the Rich

wealthymatters “I am strongly opposed to this idea. There is no point comparing tax rates in India with that of France or other parts of Europe where there is no growth. Tax rates in India are higher as compared to other emerging economies. The Direct Tax Code had proposed the highest tax rate should be 25%. We have all seen how low India’s growth rates were when tax rates were high.”-Adi Godrej

Kris Gopalakrishnan On Higher Taxes For The Rich

wealthymatters“As long as there is a clear direction and clear reason for doing that, I support raising taxes for super-rich. The government may require more revenues and we have to be seen as lot more inclusive.”-Kris Gopalakrishnan

Azim Premji On Higher Taxes For The Rich

weathymatters“In principle,how can you say rich people shouldn’t pay more taxes ? You have to be fair in a country with this kind of poverty.And I think the rich people are bringing it upon them with their conspicuous consumption,which has reached a state of absurdity.” – Azim Premji

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