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Some Questions


Did you happen to catch the headlines of today’s ET ?Else here is the link.Its had me pretty steamed up the whole day.

Its no secret that the government is in a financial mess of its own making.Its also true that the general elections are within sighting distance and the government feels the need to be seen to be doing something. Addressing vote banks is obviously a priority.But just how far should a government be allowed to go in its desire to serve itself?

My questions are simply these:

1.)How many of our rich will hang around to be taxed?How many will migrate or otherwise arrange their affairs so as not to be liable for higher tax payouts?At a time when many industrialists prefer to invest abroad since setting up business in India is so cumbersome do we want to drive out more businesses from India What about the lost opportunity to tax these enterprises,if only at marginal rates?What about the lost opportunities for employment of our own people? Read more of this post

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