The Economics Of A Medical Degree

This is from the Hyderabad edition of today’s TOI

The reality behind rising number of women medicos in Andhra Pradesh

Bushra Baseerat, TNN | Jul 15, 2012

wealthymatters.comHYDERABAD: If the price tags of management quota seats in medicine are skyrocketing in Andhra Pradesh today it is not simply because the good old sentiment behind taking the Hippocratic oath to serve society remains a compelling call for the educated. An estimated 70% of management quota seats in medical colleges have been cornered by the fairer sex but this heartening trend masks a disturbing reality – a medical degree is coming in handy these days for those looking to snag a good match in the marriage market.

College managements state that a doctor’s certificate often masks the not-so-palatable truth that an MBBS degree fetches girls a “good match” – a key reason why parents shell out big bucks for a medical seat for their daughters. Also responsible for the prevailing management quota seat rates of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore is the increasing wealth of the state’s elite over the last couple of decades and the post-liberalisation anthem of ‘have money, will buy’ that applies to education as well. Read more of this post

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