The Value Of A Simple Degree

The Prospects Of A Simple Degree


Middle class Indians have a thing for Medical and Engineering degrees.Both are undoubtedly fine pursuits but the limited number of seats in good colleges means that a lot of aspirants or more particularly their parents, have to settle for lesser colleges often without the requisite faculty and infrastructure.Under these circumstances,why not consider other courses?

A simple degree from a decent college might still get you a job in the sector and company of your choice.Also as these courses are less demanding,you could find the time to explore the world more,get some work and life experience,network and maybe even build a business on the side…….Overall there is no reason to believe you will be a loser in the game of life.

Life of a Solopreneur

wealthymatters.comThis post was originally posted here : gives a good idea of what it is like to be a solopreneur and do an Ekla Chalo Re.I like the idea of starting off immediately by onself without waiting for a perfect launch.After all, a lot of ventures fail but if you never start you can never fail much less succeed.Just contain the downside risk and maximize the upside potential and begin!But do read the story of Sumeet of Kreeo before you begin.

As an entrepreneur one must be focused on being successful whether as a team or single! What is most important is starting up and getting into execution mode rather than waiting for a perfect situation (team, funds, prototype, and customers).  None of your dreams will come true if you just keep dreaming and planning. You can’t learn swimming without getting into water.

Coming to the dilemma of starting up as a team (one of the most important factor for getting funding also) or a single entrepreneur.  I think it has no impact on the success of your venture.  You will need a leadership team for sure but it’s not important to have it in place right from the start (VCs will tell you otherwise), a team can be formed as you move on (only if you don’t need VC money). Read more of this post

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