SP Hinduja On Giving

You work to earn, and earn to give. But I don’t believe in donating for charity sake. Always link philanthropy to economic growth.-SP Hinduja

Politics And Business

wealthymattersWe don’t do anything political, just whatever’s in the interest of the mother country. That’s our basic principle on which we do good business.-SP Hinduja

SP On Corruption

wealthymattersCorruption has been there since the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The question to ask at any point is: is evil greater than good or vice versa?-SP Hinduja

Learning Financial Prudence From Squirrels

wealthymattersI often feed the squirrels on my walks in St James Park and I always notice how if you throw two peanuts at them, they will always take only one and save the other. They finish the first, and only then come back for the other.-SP Hinduja

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