Corporate HQs Anybody?

First Corporate HQs_edited

So think twice before you fork out rent money.

VoIP For International Calls

wealthymattersThanks to several free apps, there’s no reason to spend money to speak to anyone, anywhere in the world. But if you must call a landline, you can save money using VoIP.



To call international numbers (landline or mobile), you need to purchase Skype Credits. Credits can be purchased online for as low as $5 using a credit card. After credits are added in your account, you can call over 40 countries with US calls starting at Rs 1.39 per minute. You can check rates on You can also get 60 and 120 minute or unlimited calls per month subscription packs. A 2 hour call duration fair usage policy applies to unlimited packs.



Nimbuzz offers a service called NimbuzzOut for international calls. The process is similar: add Nimbuzz credits to your account by purchasing them using a credit card or PayPal. The minimum credit purchase is $10. Nimbuzz offers calling rates to US starting at 48 paisa per minute.Detailed rates for calling landlines and mobiles can be viewed on also offer subscription-based calling minute bundles for a few countries for frequent callers. Read more of this post

Inside The VCs Mind

Tim Draper investor infographic

Tim Draper is the legendary investor behind Tesla, Skype, Path, Box and Baidu .

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