Bank Balances And Orgasms

wealthymattersThe important bulge in a man’s pants is apparently his wallet. Women report having better sex with wealthy men.

Researchers have found that women’s sexual pleasure is directly linked to their partner’s bank balance — in fact, the wealthier a man is, the more frequently his ladylove has orgasms.

The researchers came to the conclusion after analyzing data gathered in one of the world’s biggest lifestyle studies, the Chinese Health and Family Life Survey which targeted 5,000 people for in-depth interviews about their sex lives, income,etc.Among these were 1,534 women with male partners whose data was the basis for the study.

They found that 121 of these women always had orgasms during sex, while 408 more had them “often”. Another 762 women ‘sometimes’ orgasmed while 243 had them rarely or never.

There were of course, several factors involved in such differences but money was one of the main ones, according to the researchers.Increasing partner income had a highly positive effect on women’s self-reported frequency of orgasm. More desirable mates cause women to experience more orgasms.


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