Renting Textbooks

wealthymattersWe in India are fortunate in that many publishers have subcontinent editions of textbooks that are priced less than their international counterparts.

Its only when we go to the US, in pursuit of higher education, that we have to face the steep costs of textbooks, especially when we are on a budget due to limitations on the foreign exchange allowance allotted to us and the weakness of the Rupee. Xeroxed and cyclostyled study materials are not so common in the US, where it is seen as theft of intellectual property.

A smart saving option, under these circumstances, is to rent text-books, at least those you don’t plan on using extensively or keeping with you for any length of time. By doing so you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. You can use a service such as which offers free shipping both ways of your rented books, flexible renting periods and allows you to highlight in the textbooks you rent, i.e. use them exactly as if you owned these books. Read more of this post

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