The Perfect Guru

Mentors and gurus,we all need them to shine.But picking the right teacher is really very important.The Indian Cricket Team has not always been fortunate in its coaches.To have followed their history, is to know how a bad teacher can squish the best talent in the world.Teaching is oh so much more than imparting knowledge,instilling discipline and creating perfection.In fact, trying to mould every student to fit some abstract idea of “perfect” is probably the best recipe for killing talent.I hope this article from the the ‘Mumbai Mirror’ helps you pick a good mentor.The red ink is all mine.

There’s only one way to coach

Ashish Magotra

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India – World Champs

It felt great to watch Team India win the ICC World Cup 2011 under Capt.M.S. Dhoni.

Then I started thinking about the last time we did so in 1983 under Kapil Dev.So many things have changed….. Read more of this post

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