Richard Branson’s 5-Point Strategy To Let Your Business Take Flight


In 1970, Richard Branson opened a small record shop called Virgin Records. He had dropped out of high school a few years prior, and his only other business experience was running his own magazine.Today, Branson is worth $5.1 billion and is chairman of the Virgin Group, which consists of more than 400 companies around the world.Over the past 40 years, Branson has learned the ins and outs of business through trial and error, all of which are enumerated in his 2012 book Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School.

Having figured out how, he continues building an empire of innovative companies,at the heart of which lies these simple five secrets:

1 “If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.“

“When I started Virgin from a basement in west London, there was no great plan or strategy. I didn’t set out to build a business empire. I simply wanted to create something people would enjoy using, have fun doing it and at the end of the day prayed that it would make enough to pay the bills,“ Branson writes. Read more of this post

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