Different Types Of Entrepreneurs


Great description of the different type of entrepreneurs.

A Life Well Lived

Let’s take a break from life insurance for a minute and talk about business. One of the most interesting job titles a person can have besides Ice Cream Taste Tester or International Super Spy would have to be the almighty “Entrepreneur.” There’s just something about that word that’s mysteriously interesting and hip all at the same time. Maybe because it screams “Hey! Look at me! I’m different than most people! I’m my own boss!” I’d have to agree — I’d be more interested in listening to someone with “entrepreneur” as their job title rather than an “account representative” any day of the week. However, not all entrepreneurs are created equal. I’d much rather speak with the CEO of Tesla Motors as opposed to the creator of Throx. I have no problem with people calling themselves entrepreneurs, but if they do, I often wonder what category of entrepreneur they fall…

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