Work When Others Sleep


Better yet stay up when others are asleep or just rising.Not all billionaires are early risers.Many work crazy hours.All of them have worked out what really works for them and they stick to their way of doing things irrespective of what the world and other people might want.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala On Why India Is A Great Place To Invest

Following are a list of reasons why Rakesh Jhunjhunwala believes India is a great place to invest:-

India owes its progress to the following factors:

  • Efficient capital allocation
  • Sustained earnings expansion driven by growth and productivity
  • 8 per cent+ real GDP growth + 4 per cent + Inflation = 12 per cent + Nominal GDP growth
  • Corporates to grow faster than unorganised sector
  • Operating and financial leverage to kick in
  • Corporate earnings to grow at more than 18 per cent
  • Favourable framework for equity investing
  • Rising savings, yet low equity ownership — significant potential
  • Corporate governance
  • Transparency
  • Effective regulation Read more of this post
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