Why Bootstrap Your Business ?

wealthymattersThese days, it’s very fashionable to have a business “funded” by an investor or venture capital firm.But this is almost always a bad idea. Bootstrapping your business is usually the better alternative.

Bootstrapping is starting and growing a business using your existing resources.

Bootstrapping doesn’t mean you’re excluded from investing any of your own cash. It also doesn’t mean that you must remain a one-person company for eternity, or that you have to settle for meager revenues and profits.It simply means growing your business using your existing resources instead of going out and raising a bunch of money from other people. It means growing organically.

If your #1 goal is to build something enormous and world-changing as quickly as possible, bootstrapping may not be a good choice. But if your primary goal is to build a profitable business that you will ultimately control, bootstrapping is almost always your best option. Here’s why:

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