Embrace Your Weaknesses

wealthymattersWork to your strengths but embrace your weaknesses to get ahead.

#1. Knowing your weakness is protection.

Weaknesses tell you what you shouldn’t do. Embrace those with these strengths .They may frustrate you, but will expand your capacity to do and be more.

#2. Knowing your weakness opens your heart to receive help.

Receiving help expands your life and leadership.

#3. Knowing your weakness helps you honor the strength of others.

Honor affirms that others fulfill a purpose. Fulfilling a purpose enhances meaning.Your weakness lets others know they matter.Your weakness makes you tolerable to others when you acknowledge, accept, and deal with it.

#4. Some weaknesses enhance strengths

Eg. a brutally frank person might lack prudence in some social situations but could make a trustworthy advisor, unlikely to paint rosy pictures.

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