Money as Debt – Promises Unleashed‘Money as Debt-Promises Unleashed’ – I watched this documentary last night.It is made by the same person who made ‘Money as Debt’.Here is more about it :

This documentary too is worth watching.Personally I found that it challenged my mind to stretch just a bit more to understand the supply of money. Honestly,I think I’d have to watch the movie a couple more times to take in all the implications of the arguments that Paul Grignon makes.The documentary did change my way about thinking about my bank deposits and it managed to convince me that indiscriminate money creation by banks and other financial institutions leads to many systemic problems.But at the same time I’m not able to buy the argument of the earth being unable to support infinite growth.It’s too Malthusian for my tastes.And I believe too much in the ingenuity of man and the abilities of science to accept that the world’s resources are so limited.Admittedly,man may devastate the earth in the short run and pay the price for it but mankind will also learn its lessons well and come up with the right solutions.I also find it hard to see compound interest,investing and modern financial transactions as an unmitigated evil.I believe that every financier is not a gambler. Read more of this post

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