Apple’s Negotiating Formula

WealthymattersApple wants what Apple wants, when Apple wants it and how Apple wants it. And Apple will pay for it. If they don’t get what they want, they just say no. And they typically don’t come back a second time. And they may declare war on you. – Ryan Lokey

An Excellent Piece Of Advice

wealthymattersLast night I received an excellent piece of advice from from a person who has used it to devastating effect in his professional life.His advice is to know what your own business priorities are and continue working on them,irrespective of the proposals or deals others bring along or whatever else their own priorities,needs or demands are,even if these are a result of a specific request,suggestion or proposal originating from him.This is an excellent use of the principle of ‘ want,but only that much ‘.

This attitude gets  people working extra hard to please him,to get his attention,to drop their own demands,do without themselves and adjust their schedules and priorities to his needs and convenience.This way the people who hang on demonstrate their need and therefore weakness/desperation and he is able to cut deals on terms advantageous to himself.

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