How Well Off Would You Be In The UK?

How Rich Would You Have Been In The UKAfter migrating to the US(Link),migrating to the UK is a common aspiration among people the world-over.If you ever wondered what your life would have been like wealth-wise if you had migrated to the UK,just see where your projected earnings would have placed you as per the graph to the left.

Alternatively,you could adjust your Indian Income by a factor of about 11 (for purchasing power parity)to estimate how your current earning power in India compares to general incomes in the UK.That way you know how your current earnings would place you in the UK.

And do remember that the UK is the Old World unlike the US.So there is a lot more inherited wealth you will have to contend with.So mere high earnings will not automatically guarantee you a similar place in the wealth pyramid.

And if you are planning to migrate to the UK,use the graph to get a reality check.Pay packages worth tens of lacs in Rupees,might not necessarily improve your position in relation to the general population.

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