Milaap’s Hope Project


Its no secret that female lives are cheap in India.Female infanticide,maternal mortality,dowry deaths etc. are so commonplace as to not merit front page news.To add to these horrors,there’s one more- dedicating young girls to serve the Goddess Yellamma.

The Devadasi system is banned in India since 1988.But this doesn’t stop people from dedicating daughters to Yellamma in the hopes of getting a son next time round or simply to escape dowering a daughter to get her married off.Worse,the girls so dedicated are forced into prostitution.

MASS ie Mahila Abhivrudhi Maththu Samrakshana Samsthe is an organisation comprising of former devadasi women. The organisation promotes development of former devadasis in Belgaum district, Karnataka. In 1987, MASS was registered as a society. It is now an independently functioning organisation with a membership of over 5000 devadasis. The vision of MASS is the eradication of devadasi system and empowerment of exploited women and young girls trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation under the guise of the devadasi practice. Read more of this post

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