Mutual Need-Why Alphas Marry Betas


A scenario that often gets people’s goat is when Alphas pick Betas in the mating game.The explanation is to be found in this internet exchange:-

I Don’t Love My Fiancé Anymore, But I Need His Money, So I’m Going To Marry Him Anyway

I think about what my mother would say if she knew, and I cringe. She is a strong feminist — raised in the second wave, where things were loud and new and revolutionary — and she taught me to be the same. I love and embrace my womanhood, and I would embrace my independence along with it, if that were an option. But as of now, it is not, and I could never tell her. I couldn’t watch the way her face fell as she realized that her daughter has fallen into exactly the traps and the lifestyle that she worked so tirelessly to eradicate. She fought to live her own life on her own terms, and I am choosing the comfort and security of living someone else’s.

My fiancé is a good man, much better than I deserve. He is smart, and kind, and extremely generous — with his money, yes, but also with his time and his emotions. He is the friend who would pick you up from the middle of nowhere at three in the morning if your car ran out of gas. He would lend you whatever you needed without asking uncomfortable questions. He believes in the good in people, and life has always rewarded him for it. Until, I guess, life matched him up with me. Read more of this post

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