The Wang Fu Or Lucky Face For Wealth

wealthymatters.comThe Chinese believe in lucky and unlucky faces and a great deal is made of the mountains and rivers of the face, which indicate wealth and fortune. Generally the central axis of the face is deemed to be a crucial indicator of a person’s lot in life, and when this appears to balance both sides of the face, the powerful trinity of luck is said to be properly aligned for prosperity.The description of the Nine Wealth Features Of The Face below is taken from the book “Discover Yourself ” by Lillian Too’

The first wealth spot
The first wealth spot, the forehead (which also represents the luck from heaven and is the foremost mountain of the face) is round, high, curved and protruding. Such a forehead indicates power, wealth and great authority. A perfect forehead is rare, but as long as this protrudes and looks prominent and wide, good fortune is indicated. A good forehead augments all the other luck features since this also signifies the place of the heavenly celestial dragon. This is a yang spot in the face and means a great deal in terms of one’s luck potential. Look after your forehead and keep it clear of blemishes, spots and unsightly pimples. Use artificial aids to ensure a smooth forehead. Moles on the forehead are acceptable unless they are placed dead in the centre, in which case they should really be removed. Black moles here are deemed to be most inauspicious. Read more of this post

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