Recruiting Via Social Media

Recruiting Via Social Media

Companies are increasingly using sites like Twitter and Facebook to recruit the right candidates. Uber Cabs and Twitter India are hiring. But unless you follow the right people on Twitter or are on their mailing list, you’ll never know about it. These companies aren’t putting out advertisements on their websites or using traditional recruitment companies to find them the best candidates; but have been sending out mailers and tweets to customers or followers. Read more of this post

Bachelorville’s Big Fish

Here’s a bit of masala for your tea time break-A list of Silicon Valley’s Most Eligible Bachelors,courtesy today’s ET.In no particular order the hotties are:

wealthymatters.comPete Cashmore, chief executive, Mashable

Inc. magazine tagged Mr. Cashmore — 26 and with a net worth estimated as high as $95 million — as “the Brad Pitt of the blogosphere.” Gawker called him “the planet’s sexiest geek.” He currently sees Lisa Bettany, a photographer and entrepreneur. And like a matinee idol, he has a sultry air that has even become an in-joke among techies. An anonymous Twitter account called @hotpetecashmore is dotted with tweets like “Am I the only one feeling hot, hot, hot tonight? — Pete.” But Mr. Cashmore did not make it on his looks. He started Mashable in his bedroom in Aberdeen, Scotland,at age 19, and for a time some tech insiders joked that he was the “Loch Ness Blogger,”because so few in tech circles had actually laid eyes on him. Those days are over. Mashable now attracts more than 20 million visitors a month, and this year, Mr. Cashmore made Time’s list of the 100 most influential people, as well as the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. Read more of this post

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