Buffett’s Success Figures

wealthymattersIn his lifetime Buffett has owned 400-500 stocks.

Most of his wealth comes from only 10 of them.

So don’t just be selective in what you choose to do in life. Expect that even then, all things won’t lead to the grandest success every time.

And that’s OK.

The few successes will more than make up for the things that didn’t quite live up to your expectations.

Just be sure you don’t make mistakes of the order that wipe away all your success.

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Dividends Don’t Lie

wealthymatters“Question — What’s the best action you can look for in a stock?
Answer — A long record of increasing dividends.

A lot of lies can be told about a stock, but dividends don’t lie. In order to increase dividends, a stock must create a history of producing cash. Analysts can lie, earnings can lie, CEO’s can lie, but dividends don’t lie. A company must increase its actual earnings in order to raise dividends. The only thing better than dividends is the float produced by an insurance company. The float, plus compounding, made Buffett a wealthy man.” – Richard Russell

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Quote-3

wealthymattersFinally, we invest out of ignorance. We cannot be perfect.

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