Guilt Free Indulgence: Fine Jewellery And Antiques

wealthymattersThe following is an article by Dylan,owner of The Gryphon’s Nest ,from Jerusalem,Israel ,a reader of wealthymatters. His words express my thoughts on fine jewellery and collectibles perfectly.

With consumer confidence waning as it tends to do when the economy is down or there is political unrest (the US federal government shutdown definitely qualifies) discussions generally turn to preserving wealth and tightening one’s belt to conserve. ‘Real money’ aka gold has started to become a hot topic again and with prices having retracted to 2010 figures it is looking more and more attractive.

What does this have to do with the collectible world? Well a lot actually. Many of my clients regularly buy high end jewelry and even though they don’t see it as such, they in fact have amassed quiet incredible collections that are valuable even merely as just scrap!

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