Succeeding Without Risk

California Gold Rush

The common perception is that entrepreneurs thrive on risk. The greater the risk they take, the greater their win……….Just how right is this perception ?

From 1848 to 1855, people from all over the world rushed to California with one goal in mind: To get rich. James W. Marshall had discovered gold here. People dropped everything they were doing to travel out West.

Pioneers everywhere packed up their belongings, along with their loved ones, with one goal in mind. To seek out a metal so rare, it could potentially change their future for generations to come. Some families suffered and died from diseases such as cholera and scurvy on the trip over. Others were killed by Indians or watched their lives pass them by as they froze to death in the rocky mountains.

A new movement was on the way and everyone wanted a piece of it. The dynamics of the situation were so influential and rewarding that many would risk death to be able to reshape their family fortunes. Any commoner could do something that they never had the opportunity to do before-they could potentially join ranks and become equals with the elite.

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