40 Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs

Here is a pretty nice article from today’s ET .The article is apparently an excerpt from the June ’11 issue of Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine.Enjoy!wealthymattersFrom Deccan Air in India to Ryan Air in UK, Sourthwest Airlines has been the role model for all low-cost airlines in the world. In being the lodestar, it also revolutionised air travel. On its 40th anniversary, the airline shares 40 funny yet insightful reasons that made it a success —each a valuable lesson to entrepreneurs
1| Keep Idea Simple Enough to Draw on Napkin
In 1966, Rollin W King sat with his lawyer, Herb Kelleher, in San Antonio’s St. Anthony Club and drew a triangle on a cocktail napkin. And lo, the napkin begat an airline. Rollin, owner of a money-losing commuter airline, wanted to start an intrastate carrier so the airline wouldn’t fall under the aegis of the Civil Aeronautics Board. Hence, the triangle. He labelled the corners “Dallas,” “Houston,” and “San Antonio”—The Golden Triangle of Texas. Read more of this post

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