The Genesis Of AirBnB


Joe Gebbia and Brian  Chesky were friends from Rhode Island School of Design.In 2006,Joe asked Brian to move to San Francisco to start something.Unfortunately by October 2007,even as the duo had nearly run through their meagre savings,their landlord hiked the rent by 25%.Their situation was bad.They had no money to pay the next month’s rent.They did not even have an idea for a business.

The Industrial Design Society of America holds a specialized conference around the world once in 20 years.They picked San Francisco in 2007.The week Joe read the landlords missive with a sense of impending doom,San Francisco was abuzz with an acute shortage of hotel rooms for the IDSA conference.They rented out space in their living room that weekend.Joe coded and put up a small website advertising their living room.For $80,a person got a room,airport pickup and breakfast.As Brian and Joe pulled out three airbeds from storage to accommodate their guests, they named their service AirBnB. Read more of this post

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