After attending a few class reunions we noticed many lady lawyers, doctors and M.B.A.s were still slaving after 40, while lots of less brainy gals were taking long vacations from their day jobs, shopping at Prada and enjoying more than their fair share of hot-stone massages.

We asked ourselves: “Why are these women faring better than the smart chicks?”

Since we think of ourselves as smart girls, here’s the bottom line: Find your fortune while you’re young and marry a man with money.This is what we call the Gold-Digging Imperative–”The GDI.”

We don’t think “gold-digging” should be frowned upon. Why, we wonder, does society applaud a girl who falls for a guy’s big blue eyes yet denounces one who chooses a man with a big green bankroll?What’s the difference? Earning power is, after all, a reflection of his values and character. Big blue eyes? Not so much.

The average guy believes most gals are only looking for money, but the truth is too few of us are interested in their income at all. The modern gal is earning her own cash and is looking for emotional security.Too bad it doesn’t exist.

What’s worse, national statistics show women suffer far more economically than men when marriages fail. With this in mind, we have some advice: Instead of looking for love, let’s look out for our own security, the kind you can count in dollars and cents. Read more of this post

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