Use your a.m. to aim you happily into your day…

Here’s a small tip that works for me.During the previous evening,or just before drifting off to sleep in the night,or first thing in the morning,think up of no more than 3 important things to do.Preferably think of only 1 thing to do so that you can really focus and train all your resources on achieving this goal.If you have more than 1 goal rank them 1,2&3Remember this grid: think of discrete actions you need to accomplish.Then do them first.No phone calls,no mails,to talking to people unless that is your goal for the day,etc.The idea is to tackle at least one important thing when mind and body are fresh and you can’t use fatigue as an excuse.Busy Work takes up all the time available to it,so by restricting the time available to it you won’t let busyness take over your life.

Remember thinking repeatedly of doing something ,obsessing,worrying takes the same mental energy and time as a actually doing it.Do do don’t waste time and energy!You will enjoy the relief from tension and sense of accomplishment of having done something you think important.

Bright, shiny objects!

I have heard and often repeated that the first hour is the rudder of your day. Make the most of it!!!

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