Surveys For The Wealthy

wealthymattersRegular people may get paid a dollar or maybe $5 to take a survey . The super-rich need a bigger incentive. For very high-net worth targets, research firm Spectrem Group promises $300. Survey firm Ipsos MediaCT antes up $500 for its highest-end surveys. For someone worth $20 million, that’s chump change — or 0.0025% of their net worth. But one of the cash’s functions is to get people to take the survey seriously.

It works. The rich who answer the surveys do take it seriously — at least the money part. Spectrem experimented with offering to send the money to a charity of the person’s choice. All respondents asked for the money to be sent to them instead and they’d handle the donation. Guess that’s why they are high-net worth.Some millionaires even call to complain if they don’t receive their cheques in a timely manner. Others just want to talk — about which private jets are better than others, or about difficult decisions (Bentley or Ferrari?). Read more of this post

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