The Richest Man In Babylon

‘The Richest Man In Babylon’  is a book by George Samuel Clason,first published in 1926, which teaches simple lessons in financial wisdom through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon.

The book is well deserving of its status as a personal finance classic and is an extremely easy read both for adults and children.The parables have the power to make an indelible impression on the mind and teach lessons for life.I feel the book should join all the childhood classics such as Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty,Snow White, Aesop’s fables et al. After all it is so much easier and fun to learn financial wisdom from parables than through bitter experience.

Copies of the book can be bought online and in book stores easily and they make excellent gifts.It is also an excellent title for your personal library.Alsoyou can get free copies legally as it is off copyright.Here is the link to a free copy.

The following are my favourite excerpts from the book:

“…a man’s wealth is not in the purse he carries. A fat purse quickly empties if there be no golden stream to refill it. Arkad has an income that constantly keeps his purse full, no matter how liberally he spends.”

“Thou makest me to realize the reason why we have never found any measure of wealth. We never sought it. Thou hast labored patiently to build the staunchest chariots in Babylon. To that purpose was devoted your best endeavors. Therefore, at it thou didst succeed. I strove to become a skillful lyre player. And, at it I did succeed.” Read more of this post

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