Generation Gap


“I spent 35 years building a 100 crore trucks business and you want to be a bungee jumper?”

“Dad, I don’t want to be a bungee jumper. I want to start an adventure tourism company”.

“That means what? A tour guide? You’ll take foreigners to some rock in Himachal and make them jump? You went to Harvard B School.”

“That’s exactly why I don’t want to spend my life negotiating with Jharkhand toll booth operators”.

This was conversation I was privy to last week between a successful 60-something Mumbai businessman and his 30something son. The father fought his whole life against an insanely bureaucratic system and built his business. A Herculean task in a time of 97% taxation, sporadic socialist agendas, petty cronyism, suspicion of businessmen.He dug in for the long war against safari-suited socialists, teethgritted, thrived and won. Today, the entrepreneur saw the Arabian Sea from his penthouse. On the verge of handing over his 50-city trucks empire to his only son. There was only one problem. His son didn’t want it. Read more of this post

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