The Stats For Working Women


Do you believe that women today can do anything?That they are to be found working at every manner of job as per their education.skills and inclinations?That with increasing education among women its only a matter of time till we automatically achieve gender diversity in the work-place?Take a look at the figures and tell me if you still think the same.

In Indian cities the proportion of working women has fallen from a little more than 14% in 1972-73 to a little more than 13% in 2011-2012.And in rural areas the proportion of women at work has shrunk from 32% to 18%.

Have so many women acquired passive incomes to quit work?So what do these figures say about the economic independence of women?

DBG-Married To The Boss

As Dipali Balkrishan Goenka (DBG), 44, takes charge as managing director of Welspun India — the original textile company, started by her husband 28 years ago — she finds herself in the news. Indian corporate history has occasionally seen the First Lady of family business houses play a limited behind-the-scenes role in the business, but for the most part they have focused on CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities. Now, for the first time, the spouse of a major industrialist is to be promoted to the top job in a widely held company. Welspun India’s revenues and profits are a third of the group’s 17,000 crore turnover and it employs more people than all the other companies put together. Read more of this post

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