I came across FundsIndia a couple of months ago,via their extensive ads on Indian financial blogs.A bit of asking and I found out that they were mutual fund distributors.At the time I was like ho-hum,they are another of the lakhs of mutual fund distributors/agents around,perhaps a bit bigger than many others but probably no worse and maybe even better than many.

Personally I am bargain-minded ,so spartan servicing works for me.Also I tend to invest for the long term and small amounts compounded over the long term cause sizable differences in returns ;so I am fanatic about expenses.So direct investments in mutual funds are my thing-Link.So I knew I was never going to use their services to buy mutual funds.But I considered them as perhaps being useful for people who like to indulge in full service and are willing to pay for it.I even considered carrying their ad on wealthymatters. Read more of this post

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