Freelancing Facts



wealthymattersStarting out as a freelancer when you are in school is one of the best things you can do to explore what you are good at.

My story: I have been a full time freelancer for 3 years, doing random things on my own, earning money from the web, funding my education and exploring what I am good at. I started out at 23 and quit at 26 for full time work. During my 3 year freelance tenure, I created websites, wrote for different blogs, contributed to technology newsletters, took up development projects from elance, WordPress gigs, small PHP sites. Even Logo design, data entry and uh yeh, Spamming (back then I thought its called marketing. I sucked at it.).

If you have never been a full blown freelancer, here are a few things you should know:

Starting as a Freelancer kills your Fear Read more of this post

Renting High Grade Talent


Perhaps you head a start-up or a small business or just have a lean budget?Chances are that your business could do better if you could hire an experienced manager,an MBA or a hyper-specialized consultant if budget wasn’t a constraint.Now you no longer need to hire highly qualified people full time or even part time or engage a big name consulting firm,you can merely buy the services of highly trained professionals by the hour or by piece work.The following websites help you do just that:


2. Skillbridge


And if you have such a work history and find yourself out of a job or wish to work at your convenience on a break these websites are your best chance.Businesses in HourlyNerd pay $25-$75 ab hour.At Skillbridge the average take home pay of an active freelancer is about $5000.On MBA&Co freelancers make about $225 a day.


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