Mumbai For Women

Last Saturday I attended the ‘Mumbai for Women‘ IndiBlogger meet, a TOI initiative to highlight Mumbai’s duty towards its female residents.This TOI initiative was in response to the Nirbhaya gang rape case. The organizers assured us that every post we participants turned in before the deadline would be read by the TOI editors.So this  is my attempt to bring about IndiChange by pitching to the people who shape debates and influence  opinions.This is in lieu of all the letters to the editor I never wrote………

Mumbai might be the best city for women in India,but as the video says there is still place for the city to love its female residents a little bit more.Aside from blogging I would love to be more actively involved in bringing about change.So if some idea in this post grabs you,feel free to contact me and lets start working.Also if you are addressing these issues in some other way,please don’t hesitate to contact me.I don’t always need to do things my way.

Here’s my list of areas to work on to make Mumbai a better place for women. Read more of this post


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