Feng Shui For A Wealthy Life

wealthymatters.comFollowing is an article from today’s Mumbai Mirror by Meenakshi Agarwal,a Feng Shui consultant:

More and more home owners are now opting for the ancient Chinese science of  Feng Shui to plan out their homes. This is because even a few minor changes that Feng Shui suggests bring about a remarkable positive change in one’s life.

A family residing in a posh locality of south Mumbai too have experienced this miraculous change in their lives, merely by following a few principles of Feng Shui. The head of the family sought Feng Shui solutions for a gamut of problems. He recounted that the family had simply stopped growing in  wealth or making any  progress career-wise. He had a marriageable daughter, another in college and a school going son. He even mentioned that in the present scenario, it would have been impossible for him to carry out any major changes as per Vaastu Shastra or Feng Shui. So, he asked for solutions that could be easily implemented. This is where the beauty of Feng Shui lies. The idea is not to disturb the basic spirit of the house by suggesting breaking of walls, etc., but to bring about drastic changes in your life with the slightest change in your environment. Read more of this post

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