Focus On Resilience Not Short Term Perfomance


Here is a great article I came across in a back issue of the HBR on what we can learn from family businesses.Link

Personally I have always been inclined to family businesses,despite the contempt that they are often held in by many professional managers and financiers.

I have always found their long term focus,caution and frugality appealing.I’m happy to find a HBR article supporting my views.Pity the authors couldn’t add Asian companies to the list.

The Oldest Businesses In The World


Not all businesses get off the ground.Not all businesses turn a profit.Few last past the first year,few make it through the first decade and fewer are passed down three generations.

However there are exceptions.These businesses listed below have managed to last over three centuries.Some are over a millennia old.One of them close to fifteen centuries old.Talk of built to last! Read more of this post

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