Paid Stock Advice

wealtymattersSometimes free stock advice is expensive. In the past, brokerage houses have come up with buy reports to help their larger clients offload a position and many brokerages release technical trading reports only to help generate brokerage income.

Equity investors who believe in buying stocks only after a thorough research and cannot access company managements on their own often seek independent research . Subscribing to fundamental reports makes economic sense if a family has a direct equities portfolio or is keen to build a portfolio of Rs 8-10 lakh at least. Equitymaster provides long-term stock recommendation services based on fundamental research. The service could cost anywhere between Rs2,000 and Rs30,000 annually. In their Hidden Treasure package, they recommend one small-cap multi-bagger every month. Also, they tell you when to book profit or exit the stock. Then there are individual-led firms like Kolkata-based Basant Maheshwari Financial Services, which gives stock ideas and access to archives of 8,000 questions across stocks which have been answered over the last decade. Read more of this post

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