Don’t Anticipate the Markets – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

wealthymatters.comFor a while now I have been expecting the stock markets to tank and keeping aside a lot of cash to go bottom fishing. I thought that the S&P downgrade of the US would be the trigger event.However as things panned out,at the time the markets didn’t slide as much as I expected.But in the┬átime┬ásince then my expectations have come to pass.Meanwhile I’ve been assailed by doubts so often during this time that I’ve considered just rushing in and buying stocks for fear that I might not get a lower price.The video below also added to my doubts at the time but it has also given me a way to deal with doubts for all time.I just have to remember“Markets are going to do what they are going to do….In uncertain conditions you can’t really anticipate markets and valuations have no base………so let’s not anticipate markets,let’s watch them.” Read more of this post

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