When “Wealth” Is A Dirty Word.

envyModi Harnessing Sentiment of Masses Against the Rich

“In the raging debate over government’s decision to withdraw notes of Rs500 and Rs1,000 from circulation, emphasis has been on listing pros and cons of move and whether temporary inconvenience caused to people will be neutralised by long-term gains. Consequently , the audacious crack that PM Narendra Modi has taken to recast the BJP’s core constituency coupled with his decisive step towards leaving an indelible stamp on the nation’s history , has not been dwelled on. As of now, there is no certainty that Modi’s gambit will be successful. There however is no doubt that politically, this step is possibly the biggest game-changer so far in the Modi regime, though it cannot be said whether the game will alter in favour of prime minister or against him. Read more of this post

Quiz: What Is Your Wealth Beta ?

wealthymattersHere is a quiz put together by Robert Frank to help you decide just how transient your wealth may be.Just answer the questions below honestly and tally up your score and read the result from the list at the bottom of the post.

I took the quiz and worried that I had a couple of threes but I managed to remain Low Beta.Heaving a big sigh…..Take the quiz and find out how much danger you might be in.

1. Is your total debt relative to net worth …

a) Less than 10% (1 point)

b) Between 10%-20% (2 points)

c) More than 20% (3 points) Read more of this post

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