Daanam On Akshaya Tritiya

wealthymattersJALA DAANAM  This form of charity involves giving water with betel nut and dakshina to a brahmin, and it is done for wealth.

SHAYANA DAANAM Giving bed to a needy is done for general happiness.

VASTHRA DAANAM Giving clothes to needy will ensure a long life to the giver.

KUMKUM DAANAM When a woman donates kumkum, she ensures a long life for her husband.

CHANDANA DAANAM Donating sandalwood will prevent accidents

NAARIKELA DAANAM Donating coconuts will ensure that the last seven generations attain salvation

BUTTERMILK DAANAM Donating buttermilk will give you knowledge and enlightenment.

PADARAKSHA Donating slippers to the need will keep the giver away from hell.

CHATRA DAANAM Donating umbrellas on the other hand will help remove obstacles from the giver’s path

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