On Why Money Management Is a Great Business


Using the checklist found here at https://wealthymatters.com/2011/03/01/the-perfect-business/ it’s easy to see why money management is a great business to be in:

1.High profitability. Costs are low .It is possible to operate a money management business out of your home and it’s possible to manage with very few employees.Plus the fees are guranteed and high.

  1. 2.High returns on capital. It costs almost nothing to get into the money management business, growth requires little capital, and there’s virtually no cap ex.

 3.An enormous moat. In this area, money management businesses don’t look so attractive, as there are almost no barriers to entry. On the other hand, a talented money manager is very rare and having one onboard vastly improves the competitive position of any money management business.

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