Hasty Judgements

wealthymattersDo you find yourself mentally classifying people into: looks like a success ,doesn’t look like a success,seems successful,doesn’t seem successful,possibly a success,likely to be a success in future,unlikely to be successful in future etc. etc.?-PAUSE.Don’t be too judgmental and sabotage your own chances.

This is not to say you have to have to invest heavily on people seriously sabotaging their lives,but rather that you observe them for a while and judge by their accomplishments.Don’t let your own biases and expectations of what successful people look like make you overlook potential and the real successes,while you chase the imitations.

To drive this message home and remember it forever,look at the photo above. Really look.Do you recognize these people?This is a photo of the Clintons from the ’70s. Do they look like a power couple?Top notch successes?

We don’t know the future and what destiny has in store for quite ordinary looking people.

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