Tracking Your Assets


As your wealth increases,one thing that’s bound to increase is the number of your material possessions.And keeping track of them and managing your assets and toys is a major issue. Small wonder then that the seriously wealthy have family offices,run like small companies, to manage their personal wealth.There are trusts with administrators to manage endowments.There are professionals and companies to manage car,yacht,art collections etc.Moreover if your money comes from businesses you are bound to sooner or later require systems and software and perhaps dedicated staff to manage your fixed assets and inventory.

Even for those of us who are not yet billionaires,maintaining an inventory of our household assets and valuable artifacts and collections,in a safe place, is a good idea.The effort of cataloging everything we own is time consuming and something of a pain in the neck but essential to purchase adequate home owner’s insurance.Also in case of claims,having detailed lists of your possessions,their depreciated value ¬†and proof of actually possessing them at the time of claim,betters your chance of getting the insurer to payout a decent sum.Items like jewellery,art and antiques etc. need to be covered for full value via specialized policies or riders so that in case of theft or natural disasters or man-made disasters you can recover their full value.Also up to date inventory lists come in handy while estate planning and drafting your will. Read more of this post

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