Devi’s Closet


Meera Patel and Sheena Patel

When Meera Patel and Sheena Patel (no relation) were college roommates in NY City a few years ago, it was over their common love for clothes that they bonded. However, as much as their closets grew, finding the perfect Indian outfit for every occasion was proving to be a struggle. Between weddings, Diwalis, and Navratris, their social calendars were filling up faster than they could find stylish, yet affordable, outfits.

Then their eureka moment arrived: “What if we could rent outfits like we rent cars? What if designers could lend out their pieces at a lower cost to style-conscious women with a passion for fashion but limited funds?” The result: Devi’s Closet, a fashion portal that rents luxury Indian clothes and accessories. Its mode of operation is similar to Netflix, or any other online rental portal. Read more of this post

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